True Dancing

One true dance is called Krump dancing. This is a dance used in some places to express and relase tension. Others use it jus because it looks cool. Its a combination of many dance moves and hip hop as well. Really it is jus a certain part of the hip hop dancing. Krump is jus a way that is saying it is a wild form of hip hop dancing.

It began in the 1990's in the African American community in Los Angeles. This is where the form of dancing called clown dancing' originated. Starting with a man named Thomas Tommy' Johnson. After heading off the rails then later cleaning up his act, he was dancing one day and discovered he could make kid's laugh. Tommy began performing his style of dancing at children's parties.

Later, another group came together and came up with the name a Krumpers. They really jus change a lil bit of the clowns moves and gave it a new name. As the rivals grew stronger, they began having dance offs. This has been going on ever since.

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