Poetry is a form of literature that allows you to express your feelings through words. There are many different types of poetry such as dark poetry, happy poetry, romantic poems, inspirational poetry, teen poetry, American poetry, etc.

One of the most passionate types of poetry is dark poetry. It expresses inner feelings of depression and heartache. Here are a few examples.
"Unrequited Love"

By: Trigger

To fall in love
And over

Must hurt.

She falls for me
Every night

And I can't catch her

I wish I could
But al I can do
Is watch her fall

I hear her cry,
But, out of arms' reach,
I can't wipe the tears.

I wish I could,
I wish I could.

To love and let fall,
Is to live and let die,
Is to love and let live
In misery

My heart is torn,
Two pieces
500 miles apart.

It still beats…
It beats her,
It beats me,

Her tears
Are my blood
Staining the distance,

And I can't stop it

I wish I could,
I wish I could.

"Letting Go"

By: Hereinoblivion

I sit in my study with muddied thoughts
And trembling hands
Sun shines though open windows
Confining shadows in cells of light
The pen in my grip, with all my might
I try to write you to life and put you on paper
Only to rip it to pieces
Our lease is expired, and I, retired to this den
Am full of ink but cannot think
No words to describe the loss of your warmth
Just a bottle of gin and the fistful of Oxycontin
I've prescribed to myself
Surrounded by infinite shelves
Of leather-bound books
We took from their pages our various stages
Marked with creases, ribbons, and
A thousand poor decisions with each new chapter
And more yet to be read in the aftermath of our undoing
Both you and I pursuing our respective paths
While neither the wiser of the other's perspective
Addicted to fire and primal desire
And fantasies of happy endings
Contending for their place in the midst of a tragedy
A disenchanted tryst not lacking in passion
But such was our fashion to always live on different pages
And give no summation of what was missed
Just distorted interpretations to fill in the gaps
Perhaps two characters that never belonged in stories to start
Shattered hearts bound together
No salvation for either or room for new dreams
Stuck in suicide machines headed for our own cliffs
With rifts and canyons between us and
Unfathomed distances never imagined
Unwillfully destined to be frozen in headlights…

Despite the notion and
The commotion of countless voices screaming in my head
Good choices are a matter of opinion and
The decisions were made in the haste of our youth
The truth of it is-
I can still taste your lips
And feel your hips in my hands
I can't stand that I love you, I want you to know
I'm glad that I had you
I guess this is letting go.

Romantic poems are an expression of feelings of true love towards another.

"Romance "

by Claude McKay

To clasp you now and feel your head close-pressed,
Scented and warm against my beating breast;

To whisper soft and quivering your name,
And drink the passion burning in your frame;

To lie at full length, taut, with cheek to cheek,
And tease your mouth with kisses till you speak

Love words, mad words, dream words, sweet senseless words,
Melodious like notes of mating birds;

To hear you ask if I shall love always,
And myself answer: Till the end of days;

To feel your easeful sigh of happiness
When on your trembling lips I murmur: Yes;

It is so sweet. We know it is not true.
What matters it? The night must shed her dew.

We know it is not true, but it is sweet —
The poem with this music is complete.

Happy poems are the type of poems meant to make you laugh. They definitely are amusing.

"Cloony The Clown"

by Shel Silverstein

I'll tell you the story of Cloony the Clown
Who worked in a circus that came through town.
His shoes were too big and his hat was too small,
But he just wasn't, just wasn't funny at all.
He had a trombone to play loud silly tunes,
He had a green dog and a thousand balloons.
He was floppy and sloppy and skinny and tall,
But he just wasn't, just wasn't funny at all.
And every time he did a trick,
Everyone felt a little sick.
And every time he told a joke,
Folks sighed as if their hearts were broke.
And every time he lost a shoe,
Everyone looked awfully blue.
And every time he stood on his head,
Everyone screamed, "Go back to bed!"
And every time he made a leap,
Everybody fell asleep.
And every time he ate his tie,
Everyone began to cry.
And Cloony could not make any money
Simply because he was not funny.
One day he said, "I'll tell this town
How it feels to be an unfunny clown."
And he told them all why he looked so sad,
And he told them all why he felt so bad.
He told of Pain and Rain and Cold,
He told of Darkness in his soul,
And after he finished his tale of woe,
Did everyone cry? Oh no, no, no,
They laughed until they shook the trees
With "Hah-Hah-Hahs" and "Hee-Hee-Hees."
They laughed with howls and yowls and shrieks,
They laughed all day, they laughed all week,
They laughed until they had a fit,
They laughed until their jackets split.
The laughter spread for miles around
To every city, every town,
Over mountains, 'cross the sea,
From Saint Tropez to Mun San Nee.
And soon the whole world rang with laughter,
Lasting till forever after,
While Cloony stood in the circus tent,
With his head drooped low and his shoulders bent.
And while the world laughed outside.
Cloony the Clown sat down and cried.

Inspiration poems are ment to lift people up.They give you the feeling of hope, well at least some do.


by Anne Kingsmill Finch

O Man! what Inspiration was thy Guide,
Who taught thee Light and Air thus to divide;
To let in all the useful Beams of Day,
Yet force, as subtil Winds, without thy Shash to stay;
T'extract from Embers by a strange Device,
Then polish fair these Flakes of solid Ice;
Which, silver'd o'er, redouble all in place,
And give thee back thy well or ill-complexion'd Face.
To Vessels blown exceed the gloomy Bowl,
Which did the Wine's full excellence controul,
These shew the Body, whilst you taste the Soul.
Its colour sparkles Motion, lets thee see,
Tho' yet th' Excess the Preacher warns to flee,
Lest Men at length as clearly spy through Thee.

As you can see poetry is a beautiful form of art. It's a great way of expression. Almost anyone can write poetry. So give it a try. You never know, you might be the next Shakespear. We write poetry ourselves, which is why we chose this topic.

Thanks for reading…Autumn…Ashlie

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