Acoustic music

What is acoustic?
An acoustic is:An instrument designed to carry sound or to aid in hearing, and designed to absorb or control sound: acoustic tile.

We are writing about acoustic artists and inspriration for the artist songs.

- Secondhand Serenade
This is actually just a project name for the singer/songwriter John vesley. John was raised in San Francisco bay Area in a Musical family this includeds his professional jazz musican father. With Vesely's family having a musical background he new that he was going to be a musican one day. Vesley spent a number of dues-paying years in a variety of local bands.After playing the bass for many years Vesley switched to the acoustic guitar and songwriting.
-John Mayer
He attended college for a short period of time at Berklee musical instution. He said" (it was a) great learning experince, but not because of class" something about college didn't spark a fire for him so he dropped out. Later Mayer moved to Atlanta where he would lay down his roots and released his first solo abulm that became a hit. His musical inspurations were people like Dave Matthems, Melody Garlot, and many other amzing acoustic artists.

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